Police use Tile GPS tracker to find car stolen in Albuquerque

GPS tracker - Police

In this case, it wasn’t just about locating the vehicle’s keys but tracked down the car itself! The Albuquerque Police Department recently tracked down a stolen car using a Tile GPS tracker gadget the owner had tucked away within the vehicle. This has caused many drivers who have heard the story to consider this use for the popular tech. The Albuquerque police have started encouraging the use of a GPS tracker within vehicles in order to help locate them if they should be stolen. Devices like Tile and the Apple…

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The Geology of Yellowstone National Park

There are quite a few geological wonders in the world, but none are quite as unique as Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone was established as the first National Park due to its fascinating geologic nature. There are geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and steam vents that makeup Yellowstone, as well as other wonders like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.  Among these geologic characteristics, the most interesting, and potentially dangerous, is the volcanic nature of Yellowstone. While the volcano hasn’t seen activity in over 180,000 years, scientists are keeping a…

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GPS technology deployed in Thailand to keep CSD Police in line

CSD Police - Guard

The tech tracks the movements of on-duty CSD police to prevent them from skipping their duties. The Crime Suppression Division (CSD) in Thailand has cracked down on on-duty CSD officers by tracking their whereabouts in real-time using GPS technology. The technology has been implemented to keep on-duty officers honest, ensuring that they are actually completing their rounds when on patrol. Some officers have been finding their way out of patrols by scanning QR codes at home. There are certain areas in Thailand that require an increased level of policing. In…

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NBA is seriously looking into wearable technology

basketball net fitness wearable technology

The National Basketball Association has launched a study to examine the benefits and drawbacks of wearables. The NBA has now made an investment into research that will examine the impact of wearable technology that is GPS enabled, in order to decide whether or not it will be worthwhile to have players wear these gadgets. The purpose of this research is likely to have players wear these devices during their games. The study receiving the funding from the NBA is Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic. They will be researching the benefits and drawbacks…

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Smart cane mobile technology could assist people with visual impairments

visually impaired wearable technology smart cane.png

This new gadget could help people to be able to recognize faces, even when they are unable to see them. A new smart cane device is currently in the works as a part of a project by students at England’s Birmingham City University, and the point of his mobile technology will be to help the visually impaired to help to recognize the faces of people that they know. This mobile gadget will help to recognize and identify the friends and family members of the user. Facial recognition technology is being…

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