SpyderLynk uses QR code to help boost direct mail promotion from U.S. Postal Service



SnapTag users receive additional discount so smartphone consumers can shop directly.

Leading marketing technology business, SpyderLynk, which was also the creator of the trademarked SnapTag (a barcode similar to a QR code), has announced that it will be taking part in the 2012 Mobile Commerce and Personalization Promotion from the U.S. Postal Service, through an offer of its Buy-it-Now Mobile Commerce barcodes within the consumer direct mailers throughout the summer months.

This promotion by the Postal Service is meant to show that direct mail is still relevant to smartphone marketing.

Throughout the campaign, it will offer a discount to customers using direct letter mail through Standard Mail and First-Class Mail, as well as for flats and cards that use the SnapTag 2D barcode, or other types of print-mobile code that is scannable and that can redirect a smartphone user right to an optimized website that is made specifically for the needs and device of the recipient.

SpyderLynk is further sweetening the deal with a 10 percent discount to direct mail customers using the Postal Service with SnapTags.

According to the founder and CEO of SpyderLynk, Nicole Skogg, the company is very happy to be able to make its technology available to direct mail marketers who will be using the U.S. Postal Service throughout its promotion this summer. She said that “Buy-it-Now SnapTags provide a turnkey solution to engage consumers in a powerful and highly interactive way and convert those direct mail prospects into customers. For direct marketers, mobile provides a new channel to add names to their databases, reduce acquisition costs, and increase ROI.”

The marketing materials from the Postal Service explained that they have recognized the growing importance of mobile commerce and that they will continue to offer marketing resources, such as QR codes, that will help to divert consumers to this channel. They explained that as technology continues to evolve, they will continue to ensure that their direct mail options will continue to remain relevant within a complete marketing campaign. They state that this effort will help to enhance the way that consumers can interact with their mail and the engagement that it will provide them.


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