Snapchat QR codes meet their rival in Instagram Nametags

Instagram Nametag Feature - QR Codes - Instagram Mobile, Smartphone

Facebook’s image sharing social platform is launching scannable codes made of special images.

Instagram Nametags are on their way. The image based social network is providing a rival to Snapchat’s QR codes.

The feature will let users create special images that users can scan with the Instagram Stories camera.

The idea behind the Instagram Nametags is to make it quick, easy and convenient for users to follow someone. The original announcement of the unique QR codes was made by TechCrunch. It happened last month when TechCrunch found it in Instagram’s Android APK.

The QR codes are designed to make it easier for users to promote their own Instagram accounts in a visual way. The quick scan could also make it simpler for people to follow an account as one phone user could scan the quick response code of another.

The Instagram Nametags may make it easier for celebrities to share their accounts as well.

Celebrities and businesses can use the Nametag in their other social media accounts as well as in their digital advertising. In fact, they could even include it in their merchandise. That way, all another user would need to do is scan any of the tags they see in order to follow the account.

The Nametags feature is currently in testing at Instagram. Those in the industry have noticed that Instagram is doing a great deal of feature development at the moment. Media reports have suggested that there have been several code additions to the Android APK, including an Instagram Video Calling feature. Moreover, its Focus feature for Portrait mode is also in testing.

Once the Instagram Nametag launches, social media app’s users receive access by way of a button on their profile. Tapping that button will let them use the Nametag editor. From there, they can choose a background consisting of an emoji pattern of their choice, a selfie they can enhance with various filters, or simply a purple Instagram color gradient.

Once that process is complete, the Instagram username for the account is applied to the center. Currently, only a test group can see the tags, but they can’t share or scan them. That will come with the official rollout of the Instagram Nametags among the rest of the platform’s users.

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