Snapchat QR codes meet their rival in Instagram Nametags

Instagram Nametag Feature - QR Codes - Instagram Mobile, Smartphone

Facebook’s image sharing social platform is launching scannable codes made of special images. Instagram Nametags are on their way. The image based social network is providing a rival to Snapchat’s QR codes. The feature will let users create special images that users can scan with the Instagram Stories camera. The idea behind the Instagram Nametags is to make it quick, easy and convenient for users to follow someone. The original announcement of the unique QR codes was made by TechCrunch. It happened last month when TechCrunch found it in Instagram’s…

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Snapchat QR codes no longer welcome on Facebook

Snapchat QR codes on Facebook

The social network is banning the quick response codes from both profiles and pages. Facebook has decided to crack down on the Snapchat QR codes people are sharing on their profiles as well as their pages. They are hunting specifically for the ones being used as page and profile images. As it turns out, Facebook has a very rigid set of guidelines when it comes to promoting other social networks. Among the reasons that people have assumed that Snapchat QR codes are not considered to be acceptable as a profile…

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QR codes get a popularity boost from Snapchat

snapchat qr codes

For a while, quick response codes were starting to drift away from use, but this could bring them right back. For the last few years, QR codes have been moving in and out of favor with marketers, package designers, and consumers, alike, as they have been used well and have been used very badly, but now Snapchat has brought the barcodes back into use. The practicality of quick response codes is enormous, but there has been a great deal keeping them down. The misuse of QR codes has played an…

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