QR codes were scanned by droves of holiday shoppers

Scanlife QR codes

During the Christmas shopping season, consumers scanned over 10 million quick response codes.

The latest report issued by Scanbuy has revealed that there has been a considerable 33 percent increase in barcode scans, including QR codes, UPCs, and even NFC tags, throughout the holiday season by users of mobile devices.

This shows that when compared to 2012, the use of these quick response codes has experienced growth.

Leading provider of mobile engagement solutions, Scanbuy, Inc., recent released its trend report for the holiday season, revealing that it had processed almost 10.4 million scans of QR codes, UPCs and NFC technology from November 22 through December 31, last year. This was an increase of a third over the trend report in 2012 and showed that there is a continuation in the growth of the use of these barcodes.

This illustrated the continued interest in QR codes and other forms of mobile engagement by consumers.

Scanlife QR codesIt underscores the interest that consumers are continuing to have in terms of interacting with retailers throughout the biggest shopping season of the year. The trend report that was created by Scanbuy provides an analysis of the traffic experienced by the popular ScanLife mobile app. This application is the most commonly downloaded and used in the world for mobile engagement.

Among the highlights in the report include the following:

• The most popular content format that was accessed in mobile marketing campaigns during that period of time were app downloads, as well as contests and discounts.
• The brands within the ScanLife community that were most “liked”: were Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Activision, Tanger Outlets, and Kohl’s.
• Malls leading to the most scans were Lake View Plaza (Illinois), Palisades Mall (New York), Westminster Mall (California), Mall of America (Minnesota), and The Florida Mall (Florida).
• Retail and high-tech were the industries with the most scans.
• Thirty seven percent of scanners were female and 63 percent were male.
• The age group that scanned barcodes and tags the most often was the 35 to 44 year olds.
• Scans of QR codes, UPC, and NFC technology came from Apple iOS devices 56 percent of the time, and from Android devices 42 percent of the time.

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