QR codes were scanned by droves of holiday shoppers

Scanlife QR codes

During the Christmas shopping season, consumers scanned over 10 million quick response codes. The latest report issued by Scanbuy has revealed that there has been a considerable 33 percent increase in barcode scans, including QR codes, UPCs, and even NFC tags, throughout the holiday season by users of mobile devices. This shows that when compared to 2012, the use of these quick response codes has experienced growth. Leading provider of mobile engagement solutions, Scanbuy, Inc., recent released its trend report for the holiday season, revealing that it had processed almost…

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NFC technology undergoes changes with Samsung TecTiles 2 unveiling

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

This new design is meant to replace the original tag that had previously been used. Samsung has just announced the unveiling of a newly updated version of its NFC technology which is fully compatible with its Galaxy 4S device. This will be a full replacement for the original TecTile tag that had previously been compatible with its smartphones. The original TecTile tag was designed to add NFC technology options to capable smartphones in order to boost functionality through the programming of certain commands into the connection between the tag and…

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NFC technology used on Tokyo smart ad sticker campaign

Pepsi social media marketing mobile technology

The new “Out of Home” advertisements for Pepsi products are displayed on city subways. Tokyo commuters taking the subway will now have a new way to keep themselves occupied while learning about Pepsi products, through a new campaign using NFC technology on stickers. Consumers with compatible smartphones have been using the “Pepsi Special” stickers since Nov. 16. The campaign is considered to be an experiment by Tokyu Agency, Inc., which has launched the campaign on behalf of Pepsi and Suntory Beverage and Food, Ltd. The NFC technology has been integrated…

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QR codes and NFC technology used on tags to determine value of a smartphone

mobile payments - QR codes

A giveaway event by Movaluate has been designed to increase awareness of the value of these devices. Movaluate has held a tag giveaway event that used QR codes in addition to NFC technology to help boost awareness regarding the value of smartphone devices that consumers are using every day. The service is a part of the overall reusing and recycling program offered by the company. By scanning the QR codes or using the contactless NFC technology on the tags, the user can gain access to fair market price reports so…

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Identive unveils engaging color magnet and NFC tag stickers


NFC tags bring a whole new meaning to window shopping. RFID industry security and identification product and service provider, Identive Group, Inc., has unveiled its latest product line for NFC tags, which includes magnets and NFC window stickers that allow for more engaging, entertaining, and high-impact consumer experiences. The new Identive NFC window stickers are created to allow for check-ins with social media and coupon apps, as well as information pick-ups. These stickers are high resolution, doubled sided, and full color, and are created through a unique process that allows…

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