QR codes now supported by new Scanbot universal scanner

tourist qr codes scanner

The app can now scan quick response codes and it is promising OCR “very soon”, as well.

One of the leading iPhone App Store scanners, Scanbot, has just released a sizeable update that has greatly expanded its features, making it much more universal, including the fact that it now supports QR codes.

The quick response code scanning app has now also been optimized for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

At the moment, the app is getting rave reviews for its functionality and the fact that it can now be used for QR codes through its new scanner feature. Its Scanbot 2.0 version is also receiving praise for a number of additional features and improvements to its performance. In addition to this, it has already provided some information about what can be expected in the future and the improvements that are still being developed.

It is the scanner for the QR codes that received the initial wave of attention.

qr codes scannerUnlike many other QRcode scanners, Scanbot is not a free one. It currently costs $1.99 to purchase it from the App Store. That said, if the previous version of the app is already installed on a device, then it will update to the new 2.0 version for free and will include all of the new upgrades, features, and improvements.

Among those who have already tested out the performance of the application – including beta testers and those who were first among those to upgrade their apps – it looks as though all of the changes have been broadly accepted and greatly applauded. They include the changes far beyond the quick response code scanner.

For example, the app is now able to detect when something – including QR codes, but not limited to them – has been scanned, so that it can be properly processed and display the necessary relevant information. When it comes to one of those barcodes, it shows the embedded information right away. Moreover, it also uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the types of information that are contained within it, such as whether it is a location, contact information, an event, or something else.

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