QR codes now supported by new Scanbot universal scanner

tourist qr codes scanner

The app can now scan quick response codes and it is promising OCR “very soon”, as well. One of the leading iPhone App Store scanners, Scanbot, has just released a sizeable update that has greatly expanded its features, making it much more universal, including the fact that it now supports QR codes. The quick response code scanning app has now also been optimized for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. At the moment, the app is getting rave reviews for its functionality and the fact that it can now be…

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QR Pay launches next generation QR scanner for the iPhone

QR Code Scanner App

QR Pay, a mobile technology company, has launched what it believes to be the next generation in QR code scanners. The mobile application is called QR Pal and was released for the iPhone and iOS mobile devices this week. The company claims that it is the most advanced barcode scanner currently available and boasts of several features that are absent from its contemporaries. QR Pal may be new to the iPhone, but it was launched for Android mobile devices last year. Since its launch, it has been used to scan…

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QRganize aims to bring more order to the world of QR codes

QRganize App

As QR codes continue to grow more famous with businesses, the need for adequate sorting and storage mechanisms is becoming more real. QRganize, a new service designed for those using QR codes, aims to help consumers and businesses manage the codes they use. The QRganize app is available for iPhone and doubles as a barcode scanner, which makes scanning and sorting codes easy. Once scanned, the code can be accessed through the QRganize library stored within a smart phone. Using the app, consumers can revisit digital content from codes they…

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Occipital looks to usher in a new generation of augmented reality

RedLaser Barcode Scanner App

Occipital, an ambitious computer software company based in California, has recently finished their latest phase of fundraising efforts, netting more than $7 million in funding that will be used for the development of next-generation augmented reality technology. The company is well known for their RedLaser barcode scanning app, which was released last year. Occipital is expanding its repertoire into augmented reality, believing that the technology is the next step in the evolution of computer technology. Occipital’s next venture will be based upon their 360 Panorama app, which captures panoramic images…

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AT&T adopts conventional QR codes, pushes their own proprietary codes aside

AT&T mobile security technology news

Proprietary datamatrix codes can be very alluring for big businesses. Such codes allow for a certain level of exclusivity among consumers and advertisers. Most companies investing in proprietary codes often develop their own code scanning application for mobile devices, as the codes cannot be deciphered any other way. AT&T has been an advocate of proprietary mobile barcodes for just over a year now, and the company is beginning to see the problem with their approach to mobile marketing. In the world of mobile marketing, QR codes reign supreme. This is…

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