QR codes form new high tech punch cards

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Though most companies have moved on from the old form of employee punch cards, the concept remains.

An app called MobileTimeClock is now aiming at changing the way that businesses monitor their employees as they clock in and clock out by scanning QR codes in order to provide a more convenient time keeping solution.

While punch cards are long gone for most companies, scan and swipe cards are still frequently used.

The MobileTimeClock app was created by a recent startup called TIMEDOCK. It is available for iPhones and Android based devices and is meant to use QR codes to be able to scan staff coming in and leaving work in the field. The purpose is to make portable time keeping easier and more convenient and removes the requirement for fussy buttons and interactions through forms.

To use it QR codes are scanned on employee ID cards using regular smartphones using the app.

qr codes businessOnce the quick response codes have been scanned using an Android phone or an iPhone, the workers have been clocked in or out. Moreover, there are also options beyond using the mobile devices. The company also has a wall mounted option called a TimeTablet, which works along with the smartphone applications in order to make it easier for a company to scale it and use it in combination with the cloud.

At the time that this article was written, this system appeared to be the only solution of its kind in terms of the nature of its cloud based time and attendance options.

Le-roy Staines, the technical director and founder of TIMEDOCK explained that “The system is extremely easy to use and works well on all platforms. It’s a great tool for businesses, particularly in the construction, agriculture and security sectors. And because we have fixed devices as well, we can offer it to any type of business.”

The founders of this QR codes attendance tracking company describe the business as a smaller scale version of a Silicon Valley startup. The Business Management Director, Warren Coogan, added that “There is still a huge amount of work to do and the growth potential is enormous.”

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