QR codes added to Nortec HVAC technical literature

QR Codes in marketing

The purpose of the quick response codes is to make it easier for users to obtain faster troubleshooting info.

Nortek Global HVAC has now announced that it is adding QR codes to its HVAC products to make it possible for all smartphone users to be able to simply scan to obtain technical literature that will make troubleshooting much faster and easier.

The company has added the quick response codes so contractors can have all the tech info they need on hand.

One quick scan using any free QR codes reader app is all contractors in the field require in order to gain access to the tech literature that has been associated with the specific piece of equipment that they are servicing. This makes it much faster and easier for the contractor to obtain all the specs they require for making the appropriate choices and understanding any potential troubleshooting issues.

Scanning the QR codes automatically directs the contractor’s smartphone to a webpage specific to that equipment.

QR Codes in marketingThis makes the process a step easier than having to type a URL into a smartphone browser and then have to search through the company’s online literature library for the specific model. Instead, each QRcode is unique to the model so it will send contractors to the specific page they need without any slow or frustrating use of the touchscreen keyboard.

Each of the pages includes helpful information such as installation instructions, lists of replacement parts, charging charts, wiring diagrams, and other useful technical information.

According to the Nortek Global HVAC director of warranty and technical services, Matt Lattanzi, “Contractors call us for technical help, and many times the answers are in the literature.” He added that “Having a way to quickly scan a code on the product and find the necessary documents can reduce lost time on the job and help ensure the equipment is installed and/or serviced correctly.”

The company explained that by providing the QR code directly on the products, it means that the information that is needed will always be easily on hand and will give the HVAC contractors the opportunity to work with a great deal more effectiveness and efficiency.

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