Mobile payments continue to grow in the UK

Mobile Payments for ipad

Report shows that mobile shopping is becoming a powerful force in the UK retail sector

Changing shopping behavior among consumers in the United Kingdom shows that more people are beginning to favor mobile commerce over more traditional forms of commerce. A new report from IMRG Capgemini shows that mobile shopping is becoming a major force in the retail environment. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of mobile payments, which is making them more likely to shop for and purchase products from their mobile devices.

Consumers are beginning to favor mobile commerce over traditional commerce

According to the report from IMRG Capgemini, the proportion of mobile sales in the United Kingdom has reached 34%, up from the 20% it had been in 2013. The report shows that mobile sales has grown by a staggering 3,400% over the past four years, with much of this growth being driven by the retail sector. Some of the country’s large banking organizations have been supporting the growth of mobile commerce, but the retail sector has put more effort in supporting this growth.

Retailers are taking steps to make themselves more accommodating of mobile consumers

Mobile Payments for ipadRetailers throughout the United Kingdom are becoming more mobile-centric. They are offering services that cater specifically to mobile consumers rather than offering services that are exclusive to those that visit physical stores. Online traffic to retailer e-commerce sites has been growing significantly, but mobile consumers are also interested in visiting stores that have mobile services. Retailers that accommodate mobile payments and other services in physical stores have managed to find a great deal of support among consumers.

The future of retail may be heavily influenced by mobile technology and mobile-centric consumers

As consumers continue to become more mobile, retailers are expected to follow suit. Traditional commerce is likely to remain the most favored way for consumers to purchase products, but their changing behavior may suggest that mobile technology will play an overarching role in retail’s future. Some retailers may opt to abandon their physical presence in order to focus exclusively on the digital space, similar to how eBay and Amazon exist.

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