Mobile order and pay adoption took off this year

Mobile order and pay - businessman using smartphone

A new analysis showed that consumers are increasingly using this opportunity to purchase in advance.

The results of a new analysis showed that consumers are adopting mobile order and pay at an increasing rate.

The data clearly showed that some forms of retail have become quite successful in its implementation.

The research was conducted based on data from the Mercator Advisory Group. That firm published their findings in their report called “Mobile Payments: Making a Comeback.” The report looked at the adoption of mobile order and pay trends as a whole over the years. It also examined the source of the ordering based on device type. Moreover, it also focused on the specific types of business using the technique the most successfully.

This sales method involves selling something online that must be collected in person. It allows a consumer to peruse their options, make a purchase, pay for that purchase, and then go to the business in person to either pick it up or use the ticket they’d bought.

Mobile order and pay has existed in previous years but has increased in adoption throughout 2019.

The following were some of the key findings in the Mercator Advisory Group report.

• Last year, 47 percent of consumers made a purchase using a smartphone or laptop in order to then pick it up at the brick and mortar store location.
• This year, 53 percent of consumers took part in that same activity.
• Thirty seven percent of consumers used a desktop or laptop to make their order before going to pick it up.
• 41 percent used a mobile phone – via mobile browser or app – to complete the purchase before going to pick it up.
• Mass merchandisers are using this technique the most successfully as 36 percent of consumers shopping this way bought from this type of business.
• Not far behind was fast food, as 34 percent of consumers had digitally ordered ahead from that type of company.
Mobile order and pay - businessman using smartphone• Other businesses that have successfully implemented mobile order and pay include movie theaters (22 percent), grocery stores (19 percent) and coffee and specialty shops (19 percent).
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