Holiday smartphone shopping approaches ubiquity this year

Holiday smartphone shopping - woman using mobile device

Consumers have already started the first part of their purchases and device use is up.

Even before Black Friday officially launches the season, it’s already expected that most consumers will take part in holiday smartphone shopping.

Mobile devices have become a natural part of the purchasing experience, which is particularly true at this time of year.

The AdColony Mobile Shopping Survey included a study of holiday smartphone shopping habits, and the trends we can expect this year. The research outlined a number of trends, including an increase in m-commerce participation among all age groups. On the whole, the 2019 holiday shopping season will see an 8 percent year over year increase in purchases made via smartphone.

That said, the research showed that 45 percent of the survey respondents were already using their devices to make purchases “all of the time” when compared to desktops. This revealed that while in past years consumers trended toward making some purchases on phones and others on laptops and desktops, this year will include a substantial group of consumers shopping only via mobile device.

While age plays a role in the use of holiday smartphone shopping, there is growth among all ages.

Sixty three percent of holiday shoppers are aged 35 to 64 years old. Another 22 percent falls within the 14 to 17 year old age group. That youngest group of shoppers is extremely comfortable using a mobile phone for every part of the m-commerce process. This includes researching and comparing products, as well as shopping for them and completing the purchase.

As smartphones reach ubiquitous levels and security levels improve, the trend is expected to shift from using mobile phones for part of the shopping process toward full completion of payment. Moreover, all age groups will purchase more frequently and will include purchases of more expensive items.

At the same time, online merchants will continue to add fluidity to their mobile commerce experience. This way, even consumers who aren’t as comfortable completing tasks on their smartphones as the Holiday smartphone shopping - woman using mobile deviceyoungest age groups will be more able and willing to take part in holiday smartphone shopping instead of turning to their laptops and desktops.

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