Mobile commerce helps propel the growth of the mobile Internet

mobile commerce marketing tips

Report highlights the factors contributing to the growth of the mobile Internet

The Boston Consulting Group has released its latest report, titled “The Growth of the Global Mobile Internet Economy.” The report highlights the various trends that have lead to the growth of the mobile Internet, showing that applications, content, and services will be the key factors that contribute to the growth of mobile Internet revenue. The popularity of mobile services is also being affected by the rampant growth of mobile commerce.

Many companies are becoming more mobile-centric

The report highlights the fact that a growing number of companies are becoming mobile-centric. These companies have seen a great deal of growth in the mobile market, powered by the rising penetration of smartphones and other mobile devices. Consumers are beginning to use the mobile devices for more than just communication and entertainment, and have begun using these devices to shop online and make payments. As such, there has been a proverbial tidal wave of new services that accommodate the changing needs of consumers.

Mobile Internet revenue reaches $700 billion in 13 countries, supported by the popularity of mobile commerce

mobile commerce marketing tipsAccording to the report, the mobile Internet is generate some $700 billion in revenue in 13 countries. These countries make up approximately 70% of the world’s gross domestic product. The report notes that the mobile Internet has helped create 3 million jobs throughout the world, many of which are sustainable. As the mobile Internet continues to grow, it’s impact on prominent economies is likely to become more noticeable.

Mobile commerce expected to have a major impact on the economies of many countries

Mobile commerce has become one of the more powerful forces associated with the mobile Internet. Consumers are showing great favor for mobile commerce because of its convenience and potential to change the way people shop and pay for products. Mobile payments have become particularly popular in Asia, where smartphone penetration is quite high. As the mobile Internet expands in other countries, mobile commerce is likely to expand as well.

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