QR codes are playing a growing role in weddings

Wedding qr codes

Quick response codes are making their way into a number of different places for that special day.

Newlyweds are always being offered a growing number of different options to consider to make their wedding days special, and now QR codes are including themselves among them, as the couples seek to make their event a mobile friendly one.

The use of quick response codes is starting as early as the announcement of the actual wedding date.

Couples have been very creative in the way that they have been using QR codes as a part of their overall wedding planning, announcements, and for the event, itself. They have been using these barcodes on social media, on printed stationary, and in newspaper announcements that they have left, in order to help to make things more exciting, more fun, and even more practical for their guests.

QR codes can make sure that every guest has the information they need on their mobile devices.

Wedding qr codesSome couples have announced their wedding dates by adding a QRcode to their social media, so that friends and family must scan in order to reveal the big day. This helps to create an interactive surprise that breaks from the traditional way of telling people when a couple is getting married.

It is also becoming increasingly commonplace to add the barcodes directly to the invitations. This allows guests who will be attending the wedding to be able to scan using any free reader app, so that they can be directed to a page that contains all of the information that they need about the wedding. By saving that, no matter where they are, they will have information such as the time, date, location, and even a map.

Finally, newlyweds have been adding QR codes to their thank you cards so that they can not only express their gratitude to their guests for attending the big day and for their generous gifts, but they can also provide a direct link to view some of the photos that were taken on that day. This can include portraits taken by the photographer, or hilarious candid shots snapped by the guests.

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  1. Gautam Garg

    Thanks for the insightful article, Julie A couple of other use cases I can think of are – 1. Adding the location of the venue (on the invitation) in the form of Google Maps QR Code. 2 Adding a QR Code that allows guests to RSVP or leave comments (Say on a Facebook event page) for the couple. This way they can integrate both the traditional way of invitation cards and social media. The QR Codes can easily be managed using an online QR Code Generator tool (Such as Scanova).

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