African mobile banking fees could generate $1.5 billion in fees by 2019

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A The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report illustrated the growth of sub-Saharan smartphone based payments. A recent report that has been published by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has provided considerable insight into the use of mobile banking and financial services in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, and the rate of growth within this trend. Many African consumers are now using mobile payments for sending money to other people and to pay their bills. The mobile banking report suggested that by the year 2019, the fees that would be collected from…

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Mobile commerce helps propel the growth of the mobile Internet

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Report highlights the factors contributing to the growth of the mobile Internet The Boston Consulting Group has released its latest report, titled “The Growth of the Global Mobile Internet Economy.” The report highlights the various trends that have lead to the growth of the mobile Internet, showing that applications, content, and services will be the key factors that contribute to the growth of mobile Internet revenue. The popularity of mobile services is also being affected by the rampant growth of mobile commerce. Many companies are becoming more mobile-centric The report…

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