Mobile commerce is changing the retail industry

Retail Mobile Commerce Experience Statistics

Retailers are beginning to optimize themselves for mobile consumers

Mobile optimization is beginning to become a top priority for the world’s retailers. Internet Retailer has released a new report concerning the matter, showing that a growing number of retailers are beginning to take optimization more seriously. As consumers become more invested in mobile commerce, retailers are beginning to feel the need to cater to their interests. This involves designing websites and e-commerce services that are easily accessible to smartphones and tablets.

Number of retailers developing mobile websites grows by 164% this year

According to the report from Internet Retailer, the number of retailers developing responsive mobile websites grew 164% this year. Retailers are taking mobile technology more seriously and are making efforts to engage the growing prevalence of mobile consumers. Mobile websites are needed in order to accomplish this task effectively. Mobile devices often have trouble accessing traditional websites because these devices do not use the same type of Internet browsers that desktop and laptop computers do. As such, a traditional website can be difficult, if not impossible, for a mobile device to navigate.

Mobile applications are also gaining strong favor and support among retailers, though consumers prefer mobile websites

Retail Mobile Commerce Marketing StatisticsRetailers are not only focusing their efforts on building mobile websites, of course. According to Internet Retailer, approximately 40% of mobile sales are expected to come from mobile applications this year. Retailers are beginning to develop applications that allow consumers to shop more easily online. These apps function as digital storefronts for retailers, allowing them to connect with mobile consumers more effectively. While apps are becoming more popular, consumers favor shopping through mobile websites.

Retailers that cannot adapt to mobile commerce could become obsolete among consumers in the future

Mobile commerce has begun changing the retail industry. A growing number of companies are finding it difficult to ignore the presence of mobile consumers, but they are also having trouble embracing mobile technology effectively. Those that cannot find a way to engage mobile consumers may find themselves at risk of falling prey to obsolescence in the coming years.

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