Twitter breaks into mobile commerce

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Twitter launches new feature that highlights mobile shopping among its users

Twitter has begun testing a new mobile commerce service that may lead to profitability in the future. The social media company has been working on engaging mobile consumers more effectively on matters of commerce in recent months. The company has seen a great deal of revenue potential in mobile commerce and has been building services that appeal to those that are interested in mobile payments and digital commerce.

New Buy button will be available to a limited number of users in the United States

Twitter has launched its Buy button, which will allow users to purchase products directly from the social media platform. The Buy button is Twitter’s first step into the mobile commerce field and will serve as a foundation for the company’s future mobile shopping initiatives. Currently, the feature is only available to a small number of users in the U.S., but this service will be expanded depending on its success among these consumers.

Company makes strategic partnerships to ensure that it can find success in the mobile commerce field

Twitter Mobile social media marketingThe social network has partnered with several companies, including Musictoday, in order to add value to its new feature. Twitter’s partners have some standing in the mobile commerce field and they make it relatively simple for consumers using mobile devices to purchase products online. In partnering with these companies, Twitter hopes to create a favorable shopping experience for its mobile users, but whether or not these users will find any value in Twitter’s mobile commerce initiative has yet to be seen.

Twitter will have to deal with security concerns if it wants to find success as a mobile shopping platform

Mobile commerce currently faces significant challenges in regards to consumer engagement. Security is one of the most problematic challenges that the sector currently faces. In the past, companies have run afoul of security issues that have put consumer financial information at risk of exploitation. Twitter will have to deal with the security issue and prove that it can keep consumer information safe if it wants to find success in the mobile commerce field.

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