Mobile commerce app from Dunkin’ Donuts now includes Passbook payments

dunkin' donuts mobile commerce

dunkin' donuts mobile commerceCustomers can now pay for their purchases using their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.

Dunkin’ Donuts has just announced that it has integrated its mobile commerce app and its digital payment cared to be able to work with the Apple wallet service called Passbook.

The company hopes that this will make purchasing more fast and easy for consumers with those devices.

Those customers who carry an iPod Touch or an iPhone can now add their Dunkin’ Donuts digital stored value cards to their Passbook accounts so that they can use the mobile commerce application to pay for their purchases. This can include any of the food, beverages, or other merchandise that is sold at the restaurants that are participating in this program.

To be able to use the payments service, the free mobile commerce app must be downloaded and installed.

The payments feature of the mobile commerce application at Dunkin’ Donuts works by allowing an employee of the company scan the Dunkin’ pass. This is the Passbook’s representation of the physical card. The pass is represented by QR codes, which allows the barcode to be scanned by the employee using a reader device. This allows the payments transaction to occur virtually instantly between the Apple device and the cash register, through the optical scanner.

The mobile commerce app also includes other features, such as being location aware. This means that when the customer is traveling near one of his or her favorite store locations, it will provide a visual alert on the lock screen of the iPhone or iPod Touch device. This location is chosen by the customer when the card is added to his or her Passbook wallet.

The Dunkin’ Brands chief global marketing and innovation officer, John Costello, said that “With more than a million downloads in just over six months, the Dunkin’ App continues to make it even easier for our busy, on-the-go guests to keep running on Dunkin’ throughout the day.” He explained that the company is always seeking ways to enhance its mobile commerce experience and improve its app so that their guests will receive greater convenience.

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