QR codes launched for Mack maintenance program

mack truck qr codes

mack truck qr codesThese barcodes will be printed onto the vehicles and linked to the vehicle’s unique VIV.

Mack Trucks has announced that it will now be printing QR codes onto their vehicles which are uniquely tied to the VIV of the specific truck, through the use of the MVASIST platform.

The barcodes will be used to help to provide a faster response time and to improve the customer uptime.

The QR codes will be installed onto the vehicle doorframes as of April. This will occur during the truck’s actual manufacturing process at Mack. Once the truck arrives at the dealership, the unique code can be scanned by the service advisors, there, which will instantly provide them with the VIN, owner information and the service history from the dealer. It will also automatically launch the MVASIST powered service management system from Mack.

In this way, the QR codes help to eliminate the risk of possible errors that can occur using paper write-ups for servicing.

The Mack vice president of marketing, John Walsh, explained that “Uptime is a critical component for the success of our customers.” He went on to add that “Mack developed the QR code process to reduce the amount of time customers need to wait while basic vehicle data is obtained and entered into the system. They need to be spending their valuable time on the job, not at the dealership.”

The service advisor can also use a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet in order to launch the required inspections in an initial scan. This will save the technicians the added time that would be required to accurately complete the documentation for inspections, and it allows the truck to be ready to get back on the road more rapidly.

This technology using QR codes is only the latest in a number of mobile resources that Mack is working to provide its customers in order to enhance the service and support experience. This is a part of its MACK Pedigree Uptime Protection program. It is an integrated suite of various solutions for support that includes four different elements: Bulldog Parts Purchasing, Bulldog Service Management, Bulldog Asset Protection, and Bulldog Financing.

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