Mobile ad reach was greater last year than ever before, Nielsen

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The results of a new data analysis indicate that more online consumers were reached in 2017 than previous years.

Mobile ad reach has made massive progress in the Philippines where they made it in front of more consumers than ever before last year. The Nielsen media research firm released a report showing the mobile advertising performance outpaced other forms of digital ads. They also surpassed the total from the year before.

This analysis was published in the company’s Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Benchmarks report.

That report involves an analysis of over 3,000 digital campaigns. It was first launched in Southeast Asia in 2015. The firm reported that in the first half of 2017, 91 percent of digital ad campaigns were geared toward mobile devices. They were able to achieve a greater success in terms of reaching their targets than the total between desktop and overall digital benchmarks. This was the case in the Philippines regardless of reported age bracket.

The digital ads that were aimed toward those between 18 years old and 49 years old were the most successful. The mobile ad reach for that targeted was a solid 81 percent. Comparatively speaking, digital campaigns aimed at that age group were successful 77 percent of the time and desktop campaigns reached that target 59 percent of the time.

The mobile ad reach was equally as successful at reaching the coveted 21 to 34 year old group.

teens social media mobile ad reach marketingIn online advertising campaigns meant to reach consumers between the ages of 21 and 34 years old, mobile ads were successful at reaching the target 81 percent of the time. Total digital performance in that age group was 73 percent where desktop was considerably less likely to reach the target at 41 percent.

“The increase in mobile advertising reflects the growing penetration of mobile and the mobile-first habits of consumers in the Philippines,” said Tin Amper, the head of media client service for Nielsen Philippines.

He pointed out that while desktop based advertising has traditionally been exceptionally successful, mobile ad reach has been climbing in the country and marketers have been honing their skills over this channel.

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