Valentine’s Day mobile sales rose 9 percent this year

Valentine’s Day mobile sales

The day showed considerable growth when compared to the figures from the same time in 2017.

This year, the Valentine’s Day mobile sales experienced sizeable growth over the figures from last year. It looks as though shoppers are looking to their smartphones on an increasing basis when it comes to making purchase for the occasion, said data from the Qubit marketing personalization company.

Conversions recorded on Valentine’s Day were recorded to be 37.94 percent over mobile channels.

That said, as successful as the Valentine’s Day mobile sales were, desktop still seems to be leading the way on that holiday. Conversions over desktop were considerably greater than mobile, having struck 62.02 percent. Equally, though, mobile commerce grew substantially when compared to last year when its conversions were at 27.63 percent. Desktop, on the other hand, slid quite a bit from having been 72.37 percent in 2017.

Valentine’s Day mobile sales revenue hit its peak on February 9 and 10 both last year and this year.

The length of the mobile commerce sessions also rose this year, which showed more promise when it came to the way shoppers are using their devices as well. In 2017, the sessions had been 48.1 percent last year but increased to 51.54 percent in 2018, said the study.

The data was compiled by Qubit and looked into both the day of the occasion itself as well as the days leading up to it in which advance purchases were made. The firm recorded a continued reflection of the trend that was already demonstrated throughout the holiday shopping season beginning on Black Friday last year.

That said, Qubit also pointed out that the same challenges experienced by retailers at that time occurred over Valentine’s day as well. Desktop remains the majority driver of revenue, despite the fact that people are using their smartphones more for engaging with brands. This indicates that while mobile commerce is rising in its importance, desktop computers are still relevant and therefore both channels should not be ignored by retailers.

These Valentine’s Day mobile sales trends only continue those that had been set over the last year and are expected to continue forward.

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