M-commerce at QVC rises by a massive 63 percent in the third quarter

M-Commerce growth

American web sales rose by 12 percent and now make up 41 percent of the total sales seen by the company.

QVC has managed to establish itself as an m-commerce master, having ranked third in the 2014 Internet Retailer Mobile 500, with only Apple and Amazon ahead of its ranking.

That said, the company is also continuing to grow its online consumer base over mobile.

During this year’s third quarter, the American m-commerce figures from QVC saw sales rising by a whopping 63 percent. This now means that mobile represents 31.6 percent of the total online sales for the company. Mobile brought in $169.2 million during that quarter. This was an increase from $103.8 million (or 21.7 percent of online sales) that were generated in the same quarter last year. This, according to the data released by Liberty Interactive Corp., the parent company of QVC.

M-CommerceThis has shown that m-commerce is starting to play a very important role in retail sales.

The third quarter for QVC ended on October 31. In terms of Liberty Interactive’s achievements, it managed to rank 5th in the 2013 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. That publication reported that the web sales overall at QVC were $535 million, which represented an increase of 11.7 percent over the $479 million that was seen in the third quarter of last year. The online sales in the United States made up 41.2 percent of the total American sales, which reached $1.3 billion, when compared to having made up 28.6 percent of the $1.24 billion in the third quarter of 2012. Overall, the total sales online rose 4.8 percent in this year’s third quarter when compared to last year’s third quarter.

Considering that m-commerce is playing a growing role in those figures, it is clear that mobile is becoming the device of choice for an increasing number of customers. This should be seen as important insight for other retailers that are debating whether or not a good quality smartphone based strategy would be worth their while.

This m-commerce data is also considered to be quite insightful as it represents the year before the holiday season, which may prove to be a highly defining one this year.

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