Mobile commerce is now an important part of Pizza Hut’s revenue

Mobile Commerce pizza

The pizza chain first launched its app in 2009 and now considers it a central element to its earnings.

Pizza Hut has always been a technology friendly company, after having been one of the first companies to offer online purchasing and having had a mobile commerce app available for a number of years.

This company boasted one of the first online purchases, when it made this option available in 1994.

From that point, Pizza Hut has continued to look to technology to help consumers to be able to order their products more quickly and conveniently. In 2009, it introduced its mobile commerce app, and the chain has continued to enhance its smartphone and tablet based experience since that time. It was the first ordering app in the pizza category and continually aims to make new firsts over this channel.

Mobile Commerce pizzaOnline ordering, including mobile commerce, now makes up 30 percent of the delivery and carryout traffic.

After having embraced mobile commerce, Pizza Hut has been able to provide consumers with a well rounded experience that gives them the chance to order their meals using whatever device they prefer. As online orders now make up 30 percent of the total carryout and delivery traffic to the company, these channels have become a central part of its earnings.


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In fact, since 2010, the year after the app was launched, Pizza Hut has seen an increase in mobile commerce ordering of 4,000 percent. According to the director of digital and social marketing at Pizza Hut, Caroline Masullo, “It’s the fastest growing piece of our business.” She added that “What started out as ordering online has advanced all the way to ordering via apps, mobile, and even Xbox.”

That said, Pizza Hut isn’t stopping there. It has now expanded its mobile commerce reach by launching a new app that brings together GPS enabled capabilities with push notifications so that consumers will be able to order even more quickly. This new location based effort is available to consumers either by visiting the Google or Apple app stores or through the scanning of QR codes that are displayed on the official website of the company.

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