M-commerce app deleting habit identified among U.K. Consumers

m-commerce mobile apps
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m-commerce appsBritish smartphone users will often delete applications that are too much of a challenge to navigate.

M-commerce websites are proving to be more popular among consumers in the United Kingdom than apps, when it comes to actual financial and business transactions in the country.

The number of purchases and the amount spent on websites is greater than that over apps.

At the same time that 51 percent are making purchases from m-commerce websites at least once per month, only 40 percent are buying by way of apps over their smartphones and tablets. This, according to the results of the latest survey conducted by EPISERVER. This indicates that consumer behaviors had changed considerably in 2012, when compared to 2011.

When it comes to general browsing, m-commerce apps are less popular that mobile sites.

The websites remain the most popular for general browsing, they are near to one another in their results. This gap broadens considerably when it comes to m-commerce. Where shopping is concerned, smartphone and tablet users strongly prefer using sites to applications. These figures change based on the devices used and the age group of the users.

Among the findings of the m-commerce survey are the following:


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• Among tablet users, 64 percent of consumers access websites on a daily basis, whereas only 55 percent use apps.
• When it comes to the actual purchases made, 74 percent are m-commerce website users and 60 percent were app users.

According to the survey report, this shows that tablets should become a more important focus of online sellers.

Among the most common places that m-commerce websites are accessed through smartphones are Home and Public Transportation. Just over 33 percent of consumers were found to have been site users while they were on various forms of public transportation such as subways and buses. That said tablet consumers shop most at home, as 80 percent access m-commerce websites there. Fifteen percent said that they used their devices to shop online at the office. That said, at the same time, the frustration level over that channel was also noted to have risen in 2012 when compared to the year before.

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