Levi’s smart jacket with Google gets an upgrade

Levi's smart jacket - Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard YouTube

A new Levi’s denim jacket is equipped with tech from Google’s Jacquard platform.

The new denim Levi’s smart jacket – the Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard – can answer phone calls and control your music. Jacquard, which is part of Google’s experimental ATAP group, has developed small electronic tabs that slip into the cuff of the jacket and pairs with your phone.

The Jacquard Tag is smaller than a stick of gum.

The electronic tab, which is called the Jacquard Tag, is smaller than a stick of gum and it lets the Levi’s smart jacket wearer use the cuff of the jacket almost like a touchpad. The purpose of the Jacquard jacket is to allow the user the freedom of leaving their phone in their pocket but remaining connected.

The tag has various mechanisms which can be easily controlled with different hand gestures. For instance, the jacket wearer can tap the sleeve or cover it fully with their hand. Via this electronic tab the wearer can answer phone calls, control their music, get directions, their ETA, or a traffic report while on a commute, and even receive notifications if their jacket is separated from their phone.

Additionally, the tag can be used like a remote for the wearer’s phone’s camera, by using a gesture that is similar to tapping when taking a photo. Google also plans to keep adding features to the tag over time, so the jacket should only become even “smarter” in the future, notes Business Insider.

The second version of the Levi’s smart jacket is much improved and cheaper than the first version.

The initial Levi’s tech-enabled Commuter Trucker Jacket that was launched back in 2017, was less trendy, stylish and didn’t provide the greatest fit. It also looked more like a “wearable technology” jacket than a designer one and came with a rather high price tag.

Back in September 2017, QR Code Press reported that the then Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket with the smart sleeve sold for about $350, a much higher price than the $148 price tag of the same jacket without the smart sleeve.

The second version of the Trucker Levi’s smart jacket fits better, is more stylish and trendier. It’s also less expensive overall, with a price tag of $198 for the regular Trucker Jacket and $248 for the Sherpa version.

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