Hillcrest Labs launches new Freespace MotionEngine for mobile device manufacturers

Hillcrest Labs freespace augmented reality

Hillcrest Labs, a leading developing of motion processing software, has announced the launch of its latest motion control technology called Freespace. The technology is available to manufacturers of smart phones and other mobile devices. Hillcrest claims that the new technology will improve a mobile device’s motion sensors, allowing these devices to better facilitate augmented reality. Manufacturers using Hillcrest’s new technology will be able to produce mobile devices that are capable of handling the demands of high-level augmented reality software, making them more appealing to consumers interested in interactive technology.

The demand for more sophisticated motion sensing technology is growing as augmented reality becomes more popular. According to research from analytics firm IHS, smart phones equipped with motion sensing technology will grow to 4.2 billion units by 2015. This is up from the estimated 1.5 billion available as of 2011. Consumers are responding well to these mobile devices because they open up new avenues of interaction and enable them to experience the world in a new way.

Hillcrest Labs freespace augmented reality

The Freespace engine is likely to be a boon for smart phone manufacturers as software developers begin to push the boundaries of augmented reality. AR applications are becoming more advanced and are currently threatening to outpace the capabilities of today’s mobile devices. Developers like Hillcrest are hoping to keep hardware up to speed with the progress of augmented reality so that the technology does not hit roadblocks that keep it in a stagnant form.

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