Berg Insight study shows that NFC-enabled smart phones sales will jump to 100 million this year

NFC Technology

NFC Technology

A new study from Berg Insight, a market research and analysis firm based in Sweden, paints a bright future for NFC-enabled smart phones. The study suggests that sales of NFC-enabled smart phones will jump to 100 million this year, up from 30 million in 2011. The rapid adoption of these mobile devices is likely due to the growing popularity of mobile commerce. NFC smart phones can be used as mobile payment devices, enabling users to make purchases without having to use physical currency or credit card. The technology is not only useful for commerce, of course, as it can also be used to transfer data from one device to another without having to make any kind of physical contact.

Berg Insight notes that more than 40 new NFC-enabled smart phones were released around the world last year. Most of these phones were designed with mobile commerce in mind. Thus far, these smart phones have fared well in the market, though consumers are expressing extreme concern over the security of their financial information stored within the phones. Despite these concerns, Berg expects to see sales of these mobile devices continue to climb, reaching 700 million by 2016.

NFC technology is not used exclusively for the purpose of mobile commerce. The technology can and has been used for marketing as well as wireless data transfer. Much of the attention that the technology is getting, however, revolves around its uses for mobile transactions.

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