QR code allows smartphone users to adopt a tree in D.C

QR Code Adopt a tree

QR Code Adopt a tree

The District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) is currently piloting a project that allows residents of Washington DC to use their smartphones to scan QR codes in order to adopt a tree.

DDOT has already planted more than 3,900 trees throughout the city, each of which features a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone. When they are scanned, the device user can adopt that tree and join the Canopy Keepers program in the city. Though DDOT does provide the trees it has planted with occasional watering, it is relying on the public for assistance in the regular care of those plants.

Scanning the QR code directs users to the DDOT official website, where they can fill in the form to become a part of the Canopy Keepers program. It is possible for both residents and businesses to adopt one tree or several of them simply by entering the desired locations into the online form.

According to John Thomas, the Chief Forester at DDOT, the department is attempting to make it as simple as possible for individuals and companies to join the Canopy Keepers, who have already taken the initiative to adopt over 2,400 D.C. street trees. He explained that “These young trees need all the care and attention they can get, and that’s why signing up more community partners is so important.”

When the Canopy Keepers program is joined, anyone who is willing to water the trees on a weekly basis from spring right through the fall season will be provided with a free 10 gallon watering tub for every adopted tree.

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