Google shows off new wearable technology at I/O conference

google glass wearable technology

Google sheds some light on its future with wearable technology and other projects

Google recently held its latest “Google I/O” conference, highlighting some of the company’s upcoming technological innovations. During the conference, Google unveiled its new Android operating system as well as a variety of wearable devices, a new “smart TV,” and even technology for vehicles. The wearable devices unveiled by Google generated significant buzz because of the company’s growing interest in augmented reality technology and other interactive tools. The conference served as a glimpse into Google’s future, showing that the company still has some innovative tricks up its sleeve.

New update to Android operating system, called L,  unveiled at I/O conference

The latest version of the Android operating system is called, simply, “L” and is meant to be officially released later this year. the operating system will include support for 64-bit processors and will feature the ability to make 3D user interface designs. The new version of the popular operating system is expected to make Android devices more robust and capable of competing with the updates that the iOS platform has been receiving recently.

Google shows off its new smartwatch capable of integrating with other Android devices

google glass wearable technologyIn regards to wearable technology, Google showed off a new smartwatch, which is designed to work alongside other mobile devices that make use of the Android operating system. The smartwatch is already available to the public, being sold by Samsung and LG Electronics. Future wearable devices are expected to synergize well with any device that leverages the Android platform, including systems that will be installed into vehicles.

Company shows off new AR system designed specifically for vehicles, featuring smartphone synergy

The I/O conference showcased Google’s continued foray into the transportation world. During the conference, Google executives showed off an augmented reality system that created a user interface on a vehicle’s dashboard. This system is meant to be connected to a mobile device and will give drivers access to the digital content that they have stored on their phones. The system is meant to be controlled by gestures rather than excessive physical interaction.

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