Annual Google I/O developer cancelled over coronavirus concerns

Google IO developer cancelled - coronavirus - woman wearing mask

The tech giant decided not to move ahead with the event which draws several thousand attendees. This year’s Google I/O has been cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19, said a company spokesperson. The event draws thousands of people for demonstrations, many of which are hands-on. The in-person attendance for Google I/O has been entirely cancelled for this year because of the coronavirus spread. The company also stated that tickets would be refunded to those who have already made their purchase. The tech firm also confirmed that its international employee…

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Mobile technology milestone achieved by Android

iphone or android mobile phone subsidies

The Google smartphone and tablet platform has now reached 1 billion active users. The recent Google I/O conference contained a massive number of exciting announcements to hit the mobile technology world, but among the largest was certainly the discovery that there are now more than 1 billion Android device users. This announcement took many aback, even amongst all of the new product and service unveilings. The Google I/O saw a number of new products and services being announced, which drew considerable attention to the company, which is clearly branching out…

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Google shows off new wearable technology at I/O conference

google glass wearable technology

Google sheds some light on its future with wearable technology and other projects Google recently held its latest “Google I/O” conference, highlighting some of the company’s upcoming technological innovations. During the conference, Google unveiled its new Android operating system as well as a variety of wearable devices, a new “smart TV,” and even technology for vehicles. The wearable devices unveiled by Google generated significant buzz because of the company’s growing interest in augmented reality technology and other interactive tools. The conference served as a glimpse into Google’s future, showing that…

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Google I/O places focus on cars, TVs, and wearable technology

Google I/O mobile sites

It is clear that the company is looking beyond smartphones to smartwatches and other mobile technology. The Google I/O was closely watched, yesterday, as the technology giant revealed some of its latest developments and goals, including its intention to spread outwards from the more “traditional” mobile, such as smartphones, into a range of new markets. The keynotes, while interrupted by two protestors, revealed considerable details for developers. For example, at the Google I/O, the spotlight was placed on the Android software that would be making its way into cars, televisions…

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Augmented reality glasses from Epson feature gesture control

Epson Augmented Reality Glasses

At the Google I/O, the company announced this new and fascinating technology. At the annual conference for developers held by Google in San Francisco, Epson took the opportunity to show off its new augmented reality technology which allowed users to use the devices, hands free. This technology has been 15 years in the making and avoids having to touch the device or speak. Google Glass has its own augmented reality glasses that can be controlled using a voice or swiping a finger against the side of the eyepiece. The Epson…

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