Scientists make unique wearable technology discovery involving acids from red wine

Wearable technology discovery - Red wine in glass

Tannic acid may be the key to next-gen wearable tech. A team of scientists from the University of Manchester have made a wearable technology discovery involving tannic acid that could lead to the development of more durable and flexible wearable devices. The researchers extracted tannic acid from red wine, coffee and black tea for their experiment. Adding tannins to the technology improved mechanical properties of certain materials, increasing lifespan. Through their wearable technology discovery, the scientists found that by adding tannic acid extracted from red wind, coffee or black tea,…

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Wearable technology is taking off with the Apple Watch

Apple Watch apps -wearable technology

Apple Watch pre-orders draw more attention to wearable technology A new generation for wearable technology may have dawned now that Apple Watch pre-orders are available. Over the weekend, pre-orders for Apple’s new wearable device were made available, and many people have already ordered their Watches. On the first day that the pre-orders went live, more than 1 million people ordered an Apple Watch, some of whom may be waiting several months after the Watch is official released to receive the device that they paid for. Basic Apple Watch costs approximately…

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Wearable technology may need to appeal to women to gain mainstream acceptance

US Smartphone Survey wearable technology news

According to the founder of Trellie, Claude Aldridge, it is the female market that holds the power with wearables. Wearable technology is starting to make its way into jewelry at an increasing rate, as a number of brands and designers try to appeal to consumers with a product other than a smartwatch or a wrist band. There have already been a few types of ring, pendant, and bracelet that have appeared on the market. However, whether or not they will be successful is something completely different than whether or not…

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Is the new wearable technology from Intel too expensive?

Intel MICA wearable technology bracelet

What many are asking now is whether or not this smart bracelet is worth the extra money. The new MICA Intel wearable technology has now been unveiled in the form of a bracelet that will come with a hefty price tag of $495 – and that’s a discount when a customer signs on for a 2 year wireless contract. This is causing many to wonder whether or not these wearables will offer enough to make them worth their while. These wearable technology devices are expected to be available for purchase…

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Survey presents some interesting data about wearable technology

wearable technology watch mobile commerce

New survey aims to gauge consumer interest in wearable devices coming from certain brands PricewaterhousCoopers, a multinational professional services network, has released the results of a new survey concerning wearable technology. The survey has collected information from 1,000 respondents and is meant to gauge consumer interest in wearable devices coming from various brands. Over the past few years, there has been some question as to whether or not consumers would show any interest in wearable devices. Because these devices offer few features that cannot be found on a conventional smartphone,…

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