Frost & Sullivan report suggests sophisticated augmented reality three to five years away

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Augmented reality to match Google expectations with Project Glass may need time to mature before it is ready for the market.

Augmented reality seems to be cropping up everywhere these days. Recently, the technology has been used in a multitude of mobile applications and as a feature for new gadgets. This proliferation has led some to believe that augmented reality has become a major part of society, or will be in the very near future. A new report from Frost & Sullivan, a business research and consulting firm, indicates that widespread augmented reality is inevitable, but may not live up to the expectations of consumers for some time.

The report makes reference to Google’s unveiled Project Glass, an augmented reality eyewear initiative.

The project was officially announced last month after years of speculation from consumers and technology experts. Google released a video showing how it expects the augmented reality glasses to work. The video showcases highly sophisticated digital displays that respond immediately to direction from the wearer of the glasses. The report from Frost & Sullivan notes that while it is likely that Google will be able to make good on what it has shown in the Project Glass video, it may not be able to do so for another 5 years.

The report suggests that augmented reality is likely to have a major impact on smart phones before it has influence over products like high-tech eyewear. This is due to the rapid advancement of mobile technology. Smart phones are becoming more powerful as their processing and memory capabilities expand. Augmented reality is notorious for being a technology highly dependent upon hardware, hence its seeming state of hibernation for several years until very recently. Given that smart phone technology is more affordable to produce, these devices are expected to see the most benefit from advances in augmented reality.

Frost & Sullivan notes that the release of Project Glass is entirely dependent upon the whims of Google.

As such, the company can decide that its augmented reality glasses are ready for the market within the next year or so. Frost & Sullivan believe, however, that augmented reality on the scale seen in Google’s Project Glass video will not be possible for another 3 to 5 years. Furthermore, the firm suggests that the glasses would not be affordable for the commercial market before this time.

Article: Frost & Sullivan report suggests sophisticated augmented reality three to five years away
Article Source: Mobile Commerce PressFrost & Sullivan

Author: Stephen Vagus

Frost & Sullivan report suggests sophisticated augmented reality three to five years away

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