Augmented reality market to hit $1.06 billion by 2018

Augmented Reality Vision

Augmented reality market is thriving Markets and Markets, a leading market research firm, has released a new report concerning the global augmented reality market. AR has been growing in popularity among consumers and businesses alike recently. The technology has long been restricted to the entertainment and marketing sectors because of its ability to produce dynamic content for consumers to enjoy. Augmented reality has recently begun entering new sectors, however, and has been seeing more use in medical and military applications. Report highlights the use of AR in various fields According…

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MIT Lab researchers have high hopes for augmented reality

Augmented Reality contect lens (not actual device)

Augmented reality could transform physical objects A team of researchers from the MIT Media Lab has plans to transform physical objects with the use of augmented reality. On the surface, the endeavor may not seem innovative in any way, but the team, which represents the MIT Media Lab Fluid Interface Group, suggests that physical objects can be reprogrammed using a simple augmented reality system. Such a system could change the features of seemingly simple objects, such as radios. Researchers develop system that can reprogram physical objects Augmented reality is often…

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Augmented reality could become a virtual diet pill

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Google glasses may be able to trick dieters into consuming less food by making meals look bigger. New research has suggested that augmented reality headsets, such as Google Glass, may be able to function as a kind of digital diet pill that will alter the dieter’s perception to make it seem as though a smaller meal is actually larger than it is. A Japanese team looked into the way this relatively simple trick of AR can impact the amount consumed. In fact, the research team in Japan found that by…

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Researchers work to make augmented reality more accurate

augmented reality research

Augmented reality plagued with accuracy problems Augmented reality has been around for decades, having first been developed alongside 3D technology. It has only been in recent years that the technology has managed to acquire a large amount of attention, however. This is largely to due to the hardware demands of augmented reality and the fact that mobile devices and computers have not been able to meet these demands until recently. Augmented reality is still faced with limitations, however, which researchers from the National Science Foundation (NSF) are working to solve.…

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Augmented reality glasses may help with weight loss

Augmented Reality technology

University of Tokyo researchers experiment with practical AR applications Augmented reality is making waves around the world for its uses in entertainment and, at times, marketing. The technology has long been plagued with the assumption that it is nothing more than a novelty. To combat this, augmented reality developers have made an effort to show that the technology can be much more than a gimmick. Researchers from the University of Tokyo in Japan have developed a new augmented reality system that aims to help people lose weight. Augmented reality glasses…

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