Product ingredients are no longer a mystery with Floratech QR code mobile app

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The ease of QR codes and the consumer education factor.

Supplier of botanically derived ingredients, Floratech, has just announced that mobile device owners can now use their smartphones to scan QR codes on products in order to take the mystery out of the ingredients lists and better understand the claims that have been made about those specific items.

This ingredient disclosure system is very easy to use. Once the QR code is scanned, the app automatically directs the device to instant access to product descriptions, INCI (international Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) names, certificates of analysis, efficiency claims, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), as well as technical data sheets.

The service was first unveiled in Barcelona at the 2012 In-Cosmetics event, one of the largest trade events in the beauty industry for the top suppliers, marketers, producers, and developers of cosmetics worldwide. This technology allows mobile device users to gain immediate access to the claims, efficacy, and other important information regarding every product supplied by Floratech.

By being able to scan QR codes to learn about a product…

it allows Floratech to provide a wealth of information that would not otherwise be possible to include on the product label due to space restrictions. This information provides full disclosure of the ingredients as well as useful data regarding the raw materials within the product. This information is available 24/7.

Though QR codes have been used much more commonly for marketing reasons, lately, Floratech has broken away from this standard and has applied it to a more practical form of fast, simple, and efficient delivery of information.

It is important to note that in order to use this product, no user information must be provided, and no user information is required. There are no social media or other advertising links or tie-ins generated by this process. It simply provides the user with information about the product connected to the barcode that has been scanned.

The only time that any contact information must be provided is if the user chooses to email the data from the QR code to him or herself, or to someone else. According to the Floratech vice president, Steve Brown, “This system saves tons of time,” adding that “We are in the business of serving our customers, Product Formulators and Brand Managers, in more effective and rational ways.”

Article: Product ingredients are no longer a mystery with Floratech QR code mobile app
Article Source: QR Code Press
Author: Lisa Green

Product ingredients are no longer a mystery with Floratech QR code mobile app

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