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QR Codes in marketing

Powerful platform adds value to QR codes in marketing

QR codes have become a prominent marketing tool and have proven that they are proficient in engaging mobile consumer in a dynamic way. The codes often receive some criticism because they are not generally well understood. The purpose of the codes is quite simple: They are used to provide consumers with access to information concerning products or to provide them with digital experiences they would not be able to access through conventional marketing tools. The 2d codes hold a great deal of potential for marketers and businesses that wish to engage mobile consumers specifically, and QR-Codes.com offers services that help make these codes more useful than they are normally.

QR-Codes.com is a powerful platform that makes using QR codes relatively simple. The platform is equipped with a free QR code generator that allows users to create their own dynamic codes. These codes can be incorporated into marketing material of all kinds and can be linked to digital content that adds further value to any campaign they are a part of. The platform also offers detailed analytics, allowing users to track the performance of their QR codes and make tweaks to their campaigns as necessary in order to engage consumers more effectively.

The analytic data offered through the platform is quite valuable. The platform is able to provide comprehensive data concerning the use of QR codes, including geographic location, the time and day which a code is scanned, how many times a code is scanned, and what devices are being used to scan the codes. This data can be used to formulate marketing campaigns that are targeted at a specific demographic. Such data may be especially useful for marketers building campaigns that are meant to reach a certain audience, such as young, tech-savvy adults. According to the Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey, consumers between the ages of 18 and 29 scan QR codes than any other demographic. These consumers are also willing to spend more money when they use QR codes, making them a valuable demographic.

Marketers could make QR codes more universal by raising awarenessQR Codes in marketing

While QR codes show a great deal of potential, they still remain a mystery to some consumers, due to a lack of awareness. In many cases, when a consumer is presented with a QR code, they do not scan the codes because they do not understand how they work. This problem can be effectively put to rest with the help of the marketing community. Marketers can raise awareness of the value of QR codes by providing consumers with simple instructions on how they can be used and the content that could be accessed through scanning the codes. A study from Dubit, a youth communications firm, suggests that a lack of awareness among consumers is limiting the full potential of QR codes, especially among young adults. In most cases, this lack of understanding can be dispelled if marketers simply direct consumers to scan codes with simple and free QR code scanning applications.

Another great way to catch the consumer’s attention, as well as their curiosity, is to offer a special coupon. Making it a deal which cannot be passed nor found anywhere else! By simply scanning the Quick Response Code they will receive their “Special Offer” that is directed to a mobile-friendly landing page thus making it all worth their time and effort. Once a patron sees how easy it is to use the code they are much more apt to scan again!

QR-Codes.com is working to raise awareness of the codes in order to provide consumers with a dynamic way to engage with the brands they favor. Through this platform, marketers can also find a great deal of flexibility in how they utilize these codes. The platform allows marketers to make real-time changes to the QR codes they produce, allowing these codes to evolve as marketing campaigns change over time. For marketers, the most basic package offered by QR-Codes.com costs only $10 per month. Those that have used the platform tend to upgrade to a more comprehensive package in order to access the full features of the platform.

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