Dynamic mobile marketing tools for any business, any budget: QR Codes

QR Codes in marketing

Powerful platform adds value to QR codes in marketing QR codes have become a prominent marketing tool and have proven that they are proficient in engaging mobile consumer in a dynamic way. The codes often receive some criticism because they are not generally well understood. The purpose of the codes is quite simple: They are used to provide consumers with access to information concerning products or to provide them with digital experiences they would not be able to access through conventional marketing tools. The 2d codes hold a great deal of…

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Mcommerce research from September shows a growth in its market share

Mobile commerce Trends

Almost 10 percent of all online purchases that month came from mobile devices. The latest mcommerce statistics have now been released by Affiliate Window, regarding the size of the market share represented by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This recent report has identified a number of different statistics about the place of mobile in the market. The most recent figures are focused on the purchasing habits of online shoppers throughout September of this year. They are meant to assist brands and marketers in better understanding the trends and the…

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Mobile commerce report shows shoppers are spenders but are inconsistent

Mobile Commerce Shopping

A study by Debenhams says that these consumers are “a twin-edge sword” for retailers. Debenhams has released the results of the analysis of its data, which have shown that although a third of its website traffic comes from mobile commerce shoppers, these fickle customers aren’t always bringing positive experiences with them. The latest research from the store also showed that smartphone shoppers are more lucrative. Those using m-commerce tend to shop more frequently and will spend a larger amount than those who are shopping in the actual brick and mortar…

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Experts recommend that businesses not ignore Boomers’ money

Mobile Marketing

According to experts in mobile marketing, businesses are wasting their money by focusing exclusively on younger customers while building their campaigns, instead of targeting older demographics which have more money to spend. Businesses have become so attached to the idea that young people are the ones who use their mobile devices most frequently that they are entirely missing out on the most rewarding marketplace, the Baby Boomer generation, which has significant amounts of disposable cash just waiting to be spent. Managing Director Steve Downes, from Juice Digital, which is the…

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