Bond International Software updates StaffSuite platform to support QR codes



How QR codes are making office management a little easier.

Bond International Software, a leading developer of recruitment and staffing software, has released new updates to its Bond StaffSuite platform. The platform has been upgraded to increase candidate traffic and make recruiting more efficient. Bond has also equipped a QR code generator into the suite, allowing recruiters to create their own QR codes as a way to engage a wider audience. Bond chose to add a QR code generator to its suite because of the rapidly growing role mobile technology is playing in the world of business.

Bond estimates that approximately 97 million of all mobile devices are smart phones. This is expected to increase to over 200 million by 2015, as more people become interested in mobile technology and smart devices become more affordable. The growth in smart phone owner ship is being connected to growth in scanning of QR codes and Bond believes that now is the time to make the codes more accessible to recruiters and staffing agencies. These agencies will be able to connect potential clients to a variety of digital content.

QR codes have become a very popular tool in marketing. The codes are often used to distribute digital coupons and relevant information on the companies using them. They have more recently been used by jobseekers as a way to stand out from the crowd. Recruiters have been using the codes for the same purpose, and Bond believes that the codes will continue to get more popular in the recruiting and staffing industry as more people realize their value.

QR code awareness various from country to country. In the U.S., few consumers are familiar with the codes but many have seen them at one point in their life. The codes are somewhat well known amongst tech-savvy consumers, but many have not yet been won over by the blocky barcodes they have seen. Bond International Software is aware of this and is working to make QR codes more attractive for both business and consumer use. The company will continue to provide updates for its StaffSuite platform at regular intervals in the future.

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