Black Friday Report – Mobile commerce index from Branding Brand shows huge sales on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Mobile commerce Apps and GamesAmericans used their smartphones and tablets to shop much more this year than last year.

Major retailer mobile commerce platform, Branding Brand, has announced the results of its collected data from Thanksgiving Day, which indicated that there have been notable increases in the number of consumers who are using their smartphones to shop.

The research collected by the company is based on statistics from 66 mcommerce sites.

The data was analyzed and plugged into its Mobile Commerce Index, which includes the smartphone friendly sites that have been developed by Branding Brand for many different retailers in an assortment of different industries. These include beauty and health, apparel, and home goods. The Index represents the largest collection of statistics from mobile commerce websites that were created specifically for smartphones, as opposed to non-optimized sites that still receive traffic from those devices.

It has already provided the data that includes the results from the Thanksgiving mobile commerce shopping.

These results include:

• That the sites received a total of 3,086, 154 visitors
• Among them, 32 percent used Android devices and 63 percent used iOS devices
• There were a total of 17,364,602 page views.
• 62 percent of the page views were from iOS devices and 33 percent were from Android devices.
• 29,880 orders were made.
• 70 percent of the orders came from iOS devices, while 29 percent were from Android devices
• The average order value was $81.
• The average order value made over iOS devices was $81, while the average order value from Android device customers was $80.
• Of all of the online shopping traffic, 20.25 percent came from smartphones.

This showed a massive increase in mobile commerce when compared to the data from the same day last year. At that time, there were only 26 sites on the index. However, this year, the visits had increased by 103 percent, the page values rose by 133 percent, the average order value was 19 percent greater, and there was a 221 percent hike in mcommerce sales.

This shows that while Thanksgiving has been traditionally calm ahead of Black Friday, the mobile commerce channel comes alive on that holiday, with shoppers galore.

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