Augmented reality and cloud computing may be made for each other



Augmented reality continues to gain power in the technology industry

Augmented reality is quickly becoming a powerful force in the world of technology. Augmented reality is capable of enhancing the physical world with a variety of computer-generated sensory input. The technology is often used to enrich user experience in the entertainment and marketing industries, but is beginning to find practical use as well. Though the technology can be used by any platform that is capable of meeting its somewhat high demands, augmented reality has established a strong foothold in the world of mobile technology, where it is seeing a great deal of use in the applications field.

Report suggests that cloud computing and augmented reality synergize well

A new report from Mind Commerce, an independent research organization, suggests that augmented reality and cloud computing could go hand-in-hand. The report, titled Augmented Reality in the Cloud, details a number of uses for the technologies and analysis the trends that exist in the industries where they are most often utilized. The report targets a number of companies and organizations representing various industries of business and technology.


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Cloud computing may remove technological shackles from augmented reality

Cloud computing refers to the use of a network of computer servers that form a computing infrastructure. These servers can be access remotely, with access being controlled by companies specializing in maintaining the cloud network. Cloud computing allows users to make use of high-tech computer technology without having to own the technology themselves. Thus, a simple smart phone connected to a cloud network could be turned into a portable video editing platform without being subjected to technological constraints.

The two technologies may go hand-in-hand

The report suggests that cloud computing could make it easier for augmented reality to find a place amongst a wide range of consumers. The use of a cloud network in terms of augmented reality applications may remove the technological constraints of some smart phones, allowing users to make more efficient use of these applications.

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