How To Modernize Your Business In 2020

business in 2020

The world is a fast-changing place, which means that businesses need to stay current if they are to succeed. This is difficult when there are so many trends, issues, and developments, which is why it is helpful to outline a few of the best ways in which a company can modernize in 2020. Combining a few of these strategies could help the company to succeed in different ways and keep your customers happy as well as allow you to compete with the other brands in your industry. With this in…

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Amazon launches dedicated Cloud Drive mobile apps

cloud computing amazon mobile apps augmented reality

The competition with its main rival, Dropbox, has just become a little bit more fierce with this new application. Amazon has now launched new dedicated mobile apps as it has broadened its Cloud Drive service in quite a quiet way, all things considered, and has made this new application available on its own Appstore, Google Play, and on iTunes. This mobile application is meant to compete directly with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other online file hosting services. The new mobile apps make it possible for a smartphone or tablet user…

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Mobile technology news is not good for 18,000 Microsoft employees

Microsoft mobile augmented reality

The slashing of Nokia by the software giant has produced the largest layoffs wave in tech history. One of the largest mass layoffs that the tech industry has ever seen is now making mobile technology news as the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has revealed that the company is working to reshape and redesign itself and, in doing so, up to 18,000 jobs will be eliminated. This tremendous hacking of the company’s workforce represents 14 percent of the total. The goal, said the chief executive officer, is to recreate the…

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Future of data storage

Data Cloud Storage mobile security

As cloud computing is gaining more and more popularity, people start asking themselves where it’s going. Its evolution has brought data centre and supporting technology to a whole new level. Cloud computing is not just a tendency any more. It has made it’s way from discovery to becoming an essential part of the business strategy of many organizations. And choosing the right approach means thinking about the future of this strategy. That’s why it’s important to know the advantages of the cloud platform models. Recently, the hybrid cloud environment has…

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Truths Behind Server Clusters

cloud computing

In today’s world getting the right kind of server is extremely important for any business organization to flourish – having an information technology diploma is not quite enough to make it big in the IT world. Whether it is a cloud storage or server cluster, you need to understand and know the ultimate demands of your organization to prosper in this era of cut throat competition. Server clusters is a tangible and physical concept that prevents your business from coming to a halt in case there is some fault with…

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