Nexus 7 to support Google Wallet

Nexus 7

Nexus 7

Software update coming to the Nexus 7

Google has announced that it will be releasing a software update for its Nexus 7 mobile device that will add support for the Google Wallet. The update will make the Nexus 7 the first Nexus Android device that can facilitate mobile payments. Last month, Google announced that the Nexus 7 would include NFC technology, which would make it possible to function as a mobile payment device as well as interact with marketing campaigns that made use of the interactive technology.

Tablet to support Google Wallet

The Google Wallet is a straightforward mobile application that is based on NFC technology. The application can access the technology within a mobile device and store sensitive financial information. This information can then be accessed to make payments for goods and services. Such mobile payment platforms have become popular in the world of mobile commerce, but have been subjected to criticisms concerning security and efficiency. The Google Wallet itself has taken a great deal of heat for the lackluster security features that plague earlier versions of the application.


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Nexus 7 to become a mobile payment platform

With the ability to support the Google Wallet, the Nexus 7 will be able to become a full-fledged mobile payment platform. The tablet device has already generated a large amount of hype in the technology world and is likely to gain further momentum amongst consumers that have shown interest in mobile commerce. Google believes that the Nexus 7 will help it establish a strong presence in the mobile commerce industry.

Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum

Mobile commerce has become one of the most competitive and quickly growing industries in the world. Technology, telecommunications, and financial organizations are vying for their place in the industry, but it has proven difficult to gain a significant share of the market due the concerns of consumers regarding the safety of the financial information.

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