Mobile commerce crown goes to Amazon as the best partner

Amazon mobile commerce

Amazon Mobile Commerce

EPiServer research shows the online marketplace as the best multichannel social affiliate program.

A mobile commerce survey performed by EPiServer has shown that Amazon is the best social affiliate program for smartphone and tablet channels.

EPiServer is a multichannel digital marketing and e-commerce software provider.

The research included the participation of CEOs, VPs, directors, and managers of online and mobile commerce from over 94 companies. Their industries included retail (both local and web-only), manufacturing, catalogs, and wholesale.

Among the respondents, 47 percent said that Amazon topped the social and mobile commerce affiliate programs.

Next in line, with 20 percent of the vote, was eBay, and both Wrap and Shopkick had 5 percent each. In terms of leveraging relationships with partners, companies are now able to gain a great deal from the mobile commerce landscape, with its widespread social features. Within it, Amazon has mastered the techniques for gaining popularity far better than even its closest industry leading competition.

At the same time, though, as much as social and mobile commerce are receiving all of the buzz as being the way of the future, the respondents saw things slightly differently. When asked about the most important platform in their future, into which they would be making the greatest investments over the upcoming three to five years, the website received the top results, with 59 percent of the respondents. Mobile apps were the lead choice for 35 percent of respondents, and social networks were the main priority of 22 percent.

According to the EPiServer vice president of product management and global marketing, Bob Egner, “While e-commerce leaders appear to be making a greater investment in mobile and social platforms as a means for engaging with consumers and starting them on their way down the conversion funnel, the survey’s results demonstrate that e-commerce leaders continue to look to their website as a principal platform for completing the sale and achieving ROI.”

Egner pointed out that the results of the survey indicate that Amazon is the obvious leader as a partner for mobile commerce, just as Facebook is the industry favorite within the social networking space.

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