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Google aims to solve the problem of theft before Project Glass enters the market

Google’s Project Glass has managed to retain the majority of the hype it enjoyed when it was first announced earlier this year. The augmented reality glasses were recently made available for purchase by developers who attended Google’s I/O conference for a price of $1,500. Project Glass is still causing a buzz amongst the tech-savvy despite criticisms concerning the product’s design and Google’s admittance that the eyewear’s augmented reality capabilities may not be fully realized by the time it is commercially released. Like other high-tech gadgetry, Project Glass is faced with a serious problem that Google hopes to solve before the product is made available.

Thieves favor portable gadgets

Theft has long been a serious issue in the technology world. New gadgets are often targeted by thieves and those that do not wish to pay the often excessive prices that are associated with such products. In the mobile technology sector, smart phones, tablets and other such devices are popular targets because of their size. Google expects that Project Glass will receive the same kind of attention from potential thieves, despite that fact that the product will be attached to its owner’s head.


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Anti-theft system disables Project Glass in certain instances

To combat theft, Google has devised a system that will be included in all Project Glass products. This system will immediately disable the augmented reality glasses when it detects unnatural movements. The system will also be able to detect if the person using it is its actual owner. Google won the patent for the system this week and plans to incorporate it into its future Project Glass models.

Augmented reality becoming alluring for thieves

Augmented reality is becoming more prevalent in the world of technology. Consumers have already expressed their interest in the interactive technology, thus spurring companies like Google to create products like Project Glass. Because of the growing popularity and demand for the technology, augmented reality is expected to make any gadget that makes use of it an attractive target for thieves.

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