Atheer Labs seeks support for its augmented reality glasses

augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Firm launches Indiegogo campaign

Atheer Labs, a technology firm, has launched a campaign through Indiegogo, a popular crowdfunding platform, for its new augmented reality glasses. A great deal of hype has come to surround the concept of AR glasses in recent years as more technology firm work to develop their own high-tech eyewear. Google is, perhaps, to blame for the majority of this hype as it has been promoting its Glass eyewear aggressively. Atheer Labs believes that this hype could translate into actual financial support from consumers that are interested in AR glasses.

Campaign seeks to raise $100,000 for development

Atheer Labs is looking to raise $100,000 through Indiegogo for its AR project. The firm claims that the glasses will allow users to use regular Android applications, essentially making it a comprehensive mobile device equipped with augmented reality technology. Early adopters can currently obtain the glasses for $350, but a physical pair of the high-tech eyewear will not be delivered until March of 2014. Current models of the AR glasses are very early prototypes and only feature a small number of the features that Atheer Labs plans to introduce in the future.

Glasses boast of social media features and other capabilities

augmented reality glasses wearable mobile exampleLike other technology firms that are developing AR glasses, Atheer Labs has launched a video concerning its product. The video is meant to provide consumers with an idea of what the glasses will be capable of in the future. Like other glasses of its kind, Atheer’s glasses will have social media capabilities, leveraging augmented reality to make social networking more engaging and responsive. The glasses will also be able to display a wide range of digital information based on what the wearer is looking at.

AR glasses may not be able to live up to hype

AR glasses have yet to hit the market in any significant way, so few people have experience with the high-tech eyewear. Technology firms make lofty promises when it comes to these glasses, but whether these promises can be realized has yet to be seen. Google is currently the firm with the most consumer attention when it comes to augmented reality eyewear.

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