Artist Pedro Morales uses QR codes for his latest exhibition

QR Code Art

QR Code Art
QR codes are proving to be quite attractive to artists around the world. Acclaimed Venezuelan artist Pedro Morales has used the codes in his latest exhibition called De Redes y Cadenas. Normally, the codes would be used as part of a marketing campaign, but Morales has decided to use the codes themselves as art. Other artists that have had this idea have incorporated QR codes into their artwork. Morales, however, has dissected the codes to make new designs that diverge from the code’s original pattern.

Morales has been working with QR codes since 2007. He has successfully printed codes on feathers, flowers, leather and plastic surfaces. He is also known for making gargantuan codes that plaster the sides of buildings in Venezuela. His latest work with the codes will be at the Galeria D’Museo in Caracas, Venezuela. The exhibition will show off what Morales refers to as “mobile tagging art.”

Following the example of other artists that have used the codes in the past, Morales has been careful to ensure that at least some of the codes he has used can be scanned by a smart phone. When scanned, these codes take mobile users to a website where they can find more information about Morales and his work. In this way, the QR codes continue to accomplish the purpose they are most widely known for: Marketing.

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