Are PCs Becoming Obsolete in Business?

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As most people who work with computers know quite well, technology can change in the blink of an eye.

It wasn’t that long ago when computers were giant monstrosities that took up most of a room; now we have compact desktop models, portable laptops and tablets that easily accept mobile payments.

While PCs have been the go-to model for years for both business and personal use, it seems that they may soon become obsolete in favor of the much more on-the-go laptops and tablets. Thanks to the emerging cloud technology, people no longer have to be tied down at a desk; they can take their technology—and their work—to just about any place on the planet.

One of the best ways that companies can reduce the amount of money they spend on IT is to switch over the cloud storage services, according to an article on Not only will you save money over using only traditional IT methods, cloud technology is also extremely flexible. And because it is managed by an external source that is not even in the company’s actual building or home office, people can access their needed information from a wide variety of places and mobile devices, including iPads, laptops and smart phones.

Another advantage of using cloud-based services, is each individual business can select what specific type of application it wishes to use; by doing this, a company will know pcs businessahead of time exactly how much it will have to spend for the cloud technology service. As a bonus, updates are no longer something the company has to keep tabs on and worry about—which is a major plus for anyone who has ever lost valuable work time waiting for a program to upgrade.

Companies like Adobe have already taken note of the feasibility of cloud technology. For example, an article on said Adobe is putting a ton of resources into a new subscription service called Creative Cloud. Over time, this innovative service will be the only way that professionals like web developers, designers and photographers use the many tools in the Adobe creative suite. The Creative Cloud option is already a huge hit with customers because of ease, portability and cost.

As laptops get more and more technologically advanced and affordable—for example, this Chromebook laptop from Google comes with plenty of amazing bells and whistles at a very cool price of just $249—it is probably only a matter of time before PCs go the way of the Edsel and the dodo bird. Employees no longer have to store all of their digital information and files on an actual computer; they will just use a cloud service that will keep tabs on everything remotely. Speaking of remotely, this new technology will also allow people to work from home or just about anywhere they wish. As more and more people are interested in telecommuting at least some of the time, using cloud technology will make this easier than ever.

Old computers photo from Flickr user eurleif Leif K-Brooks.

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