QR code scans may soon work for Nearby Share

QR code - file Sharing

Users might soon be able to scan barcodes to be able to share files with others in person. The Nearby Share feature on Android devices will soon make it possible to share files with other people with QR code scans. The feature makes it easy to share files and links with other Android devices, Chromebooks and Windows PCs. To make it work, all users need to do is select what they want to send, select the share button, and choose the Nearby Share option from within the share sheet. If…

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Chrome OS Flex will let old Macs become new Chromebooks

Chrome OS Flex - Chromebook and mac computer

Google has announced early access convert old PCs and Macs “within minutes”. Google recently announced that early access to Chrome OS Flex has begun, making it possible to replace old PC and Mac operating systems “within” minutes, converting them into what is essentially a regular Chromebook. The tech giant is encouraging businesses, individuals and schools to download the software. The Chrome OS Flex download is meant to make it possible for them to “easily try modern computing with cloud-based management” while they can reduce their e-waste and save money by…

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Are PCs Becoming Obsolete in Business?

old pc

As most people who work with computers know quite well, technology can change in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t that long ago when computers were giant monstrosities that took up most of a room; now we have compact desktop models, portable laptops and tablets that easily accept mobile payments. While PCs have been the go-to model for years for both business and personal use, it seems that they may soon become obsolete in favor of the much more on-the-go laptops and tablets. Thanks to the emerging cloud technology,…

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