Top 5 tech gifts under $50 that you need to know for the 2014 holidays

holiday shopping top mobile tech gifts

It’s that time of year again and mobile devices and accessories are topping the lists for most wanted presents. When it comes to the absolute most-wanted presents that people are asking for and that will top the shopping lists throughout the 2014 holiday season, tech gifts are certainly way up there, but consumers need to be discerning to make sure that they are choosing gifts that will live up to the expectations of the recipients, but also that the gift-givers can afford. There are a number of high quality mobile…

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Sales of wearable technology to surpass 50 million by the close of 2014

smartwatch wearable technology

The holiday shopping season is expected to make a massive difference in global shipments of wearables. Among a growing number of predictions that are being made about wearable technology sales, this year, is a new one that has been issued by Futuresource Consulting, which has forecasted that the global shipments of wearables will reach 52 million by the close of the year. This sales figure is considerably higher than those that were released by Juniper Research earlier in November. Juniper had said that their predictions were that there will be…

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Mobile Technology is Changing the World

mobile marketing spending worldwide

Society has become heavily integrated with technology, perhaps irreversibly so. Many people now base their lives around technology, whether it be personal computers, televisions, or mobile devices. Mobile technology, in particular, has had a major impact on the world, especially in the way that people interact with one another. In some cases, the advent of smartphones has meant that people have had little need to interact with the people around them, but these devices have also given people access to the mobile Internet, allowing them to connect to millions of…

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Wearable technology race is starting to define some clear leaders

Fitbit wearable technology fitness tracker

Pebble and Fitbit are beginning to show that they are at the top of the wearables market. According to the research firm, Canalys, and some of its most recently released data, among all of the consumers who own wearable technology bands around the world during the first quarter of this year, nearly half were owners of the Fitbit fitness band. That said, when it comes to smartwatches, Pebble has been ripping ahead of the competition. Despite that the comparatively small Pebble is up against some powerful tech giants such as…

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Wearables will be owned by 1 in 5 people by August

smartwatch wearables technology

According to a recent study, a fifth of people aged 17 to 75 years will soon have one of these devices. This year, wearables are making a tremendous splash, as devices from fitness bands, to smartwatches and from augmented reality glasses to smart jewelry, and a recent study has indicated that by August of this year, one in every five people between the ages of 17 and 75 years in Australia will own at least one of these mobile devices. It has been predicted that sales will reach 10 million…

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