Research shows business mobile marketing budgets on the rise

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce
The results of a recent survey performed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) have shown that the concerns that had initially held back the progress of mobile marketing have been effectively addressed in order to let it move forward at an explosive rate.

The study examined the rate at which mobile advertising is growing, and it showed that many of the problems it had faced – such as those imposed by the limitations of mobile phone technologies or by networks – have been significantly improving through developments in broadband for mobile devices and smartphone technology.

The IAB also noted the issues that still represent the highest concerns among marketers in terms of using mobile advertising, which included consumer privacy (40 percent), fragmentation of operating systems (39 percent), and the fact that there is no standard form of metrics for its methods (31 percent).

These statistics were formed based on the results of the completion of a survey by 300 American marketing companies that are currently using mobile as a part of their media mix.

The survey itself was conducted by Ovum. It was entitled the “Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising”.

Overall, it indicated that marketers are content with their ability to achieve a range of different advertising goals using mobile techniques. Most of the survey participants were also quite satisfied with the ability of mobile marketing to drive sales (54 percent), provide improved customer engagement (59 percent), better customer relationship marketing (57 percent) and give a boost to brand awareness (58 percent).

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